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Subject: EXPLORING THE WOODS PART TWOSecond part of "Exploring the Woods" by Zak. ( stuff, if you're offended do not read farther.As the week passed, I spent more and more time thinking about my visit to the
woods, the new experiences I experienced, the new pleasures I discovered, and
my insatiable desire to have them again. When the weekend came, I was
ecstatic when my mother announced we were visiting my cousin again. I counted
the minutes until Saturday came. I woke Saturday morning long before normal
realizing I'd had a wet dream thinking about cocks and the pleasure of
sucking them. I pulled back the covers and pushed down my underpants. My cock
was hard and throbbing thinking about the weekend ahead. I wondered how long
before my hair started growing.
When we arrived at my cousin's, I was disappointed to discover he had
gone to visit his dad for the weekend. My hopes, my desires, my hardon
diminished. I ambled around lolita cuties preteen nude the yard trying to decide what to do with myself
while my mother and my aunt talked away the day as usual. As I sat on the
broken swing overlooking the woods, someone tapped me free amature teen lolita on the shoulder. I
turned and there was Jack, my cousin's eighteen year old friend who had
initiated me into this new sexual obsession. An immediate grin spread from
ear to ear. Jack the one who had introduced me to the pleasures of sucking
cock and getting fucked, and opened up a whole new world of pleasures and
desire. I panned down to the bulge in image popular loli child his pants, that sweet bulge that only
one week earlier I'd had the pleasure of enjoying. He smiled, knowing where I
was looking, what I was thinking.
"Wanna go exploring again?" he asked with a smirk.
"Yes," I replied, trying to mask my excitement.
My mother agreed to let me go off with him since my aunt knew him so
well. We started into the woods again. Down that same path that had led me to
a new phase of my life, down that path that had brought such intense
pleasure. I stared at the roundness of his butt, knowing exactly what it
looked like underneath his jeans.
As we entered that wonderful clearing where it had all begun, he turned
and just smiled. Not a pleasant smile, a smile of lust, the bearer of a dark
secret we shared.
"Strip," he ordered.
Without a moments hesitation, I pulled my shirt over my head and undid my
pants and pushed down both my jeans and underwear.
"Shoes and socks too," he ordered.
They too were gone. I stood naked, completely naked in front of him.
Surrendering completely to him. He moved closer and began to feel my naked
skin all over, grabbed my hardening cock and jerked a few times. Fondled my
balls and closed his fingers around them and pulled down gently, he reached
behind me and squeezed my butt cheeks hard, slapped them both a few times.
"You like it, don't you," he taunted. I didn't reply.
"You like it I said," he yelled.
Hanging my head, I shook it up and down. I did like it, liked it very
"And you can't wait to suck my cock again, can you," he continued.
Again I shook my head up and down.
"Say it out loud," he ordered. "Tell me what you want."
I raised my eyes to meet his, timidly I replied.
"I want to suck it," I admitted, "I want it real bad."
"Raise your hands and put them behind your back," he ordered, "show me
how much you want it. Show me how much you like cock. Tease me with your
I raised my arms, locked them behind my head free lolita pics nude and shifted my body from
side to side, from front to back. I loved showing myself to him.
"Turn around for me," he continued, "show me that sweet butt."
I danced in the cool green summer air, naked to the world. Danced for him.
He stood close to me and running his hands over all my body; felt every
inch, squeezed and explored every part.
"Tell me you're my personal cockslut," he said.
"Yes," I replied with no hesitation. "Just yours. Your cockslut."
Suddenly I heard a sound behind me. I turned to see two guys pushing
through the wooded thicket. I panicked, standing completely naked with
another fully dressed guy in the middle of the woods. I covered my hard cock
with my hands and turned to grab my clothes.
"On no you don't," Jack said. And grabbed my arms. "They're my buds and
they want to see preteen lolita baby pussy your sweet little boy body and cock too. They want to know
what it's like to be sucked by a `natural' cocksucker, by my own personal
The realization, the panic began to set in. What had I got myself into?
There was no way out, no choice.
"He's all yours boys," Jack said, "And he's the sweetest cocksucker
you'll ever find."
He'd arranged it, he'd planned on them showing up after I'd taken off my
clothes. I wasn't sure what to do. They moved all around me, all dressed, all
much older, all checking out every inch of my naked, thirteen year old, body.
The taller one, a black guy, probably eighteen or nineteen, was Ted. He was
dressed in dirty jeans and a ripped red t-shirt, he had short, curly black
hair and wore shiny black pointed toe boots. He just smiled and looked me up
and down. The shorter one was named Eric and had long dirty blond hair and
had the brightest blue eyes I'd ever seen. He wore khaki pants and a black
mesh tank top. I noticed his nice chest and dark nipples clearly visible
through his top.
"You sure were right," Eric said, "he's got a sweet little ass, can't
wait to get a piece."
Ted laughed and moved closer. Their hands began to move all over every
part of preteen lolita baby pussy
me, feeling, stroking, pulling, slapping. Eric pulled me against him,
felt my ass and turned me around. He held my arms up while Ted touched me
everywhere. He started at my armpits and felt down my sides, across my chest,
pinching each nipple, down my stomach and grabbed my cock with his long black
"He's my little cockslut, " Jack shouted. "Anything you want guys, He's
all yours."
Eric picked me up under my arms, bit and image popular loli child sucked my neck, licked my ears.
While Ted spread my legs and shoved a hand under my balls up the crack of my
butt and stuck a couple fingers in my asshole.
I looked at Jack, he was laughing, pulling on the bulge in his pants.
Ted picked up my legs and put them over his shoulder so he could suck my
cock. He sucked hard, biting once in a while. His hands squeezed my
asscheeks and used them to push my cock in and out of his mouth. Eric pulled
back and forth pushing and pulling my cock in and out of Ted's mouth. Jack
just watched.
I'd never experienced such a confusion of emotion. On one hand, fear and
terror, not knowing what they were going to do with me and on the other, an
incredible sense of total passion and lust. I loved every second, I felt
every moment of the touching and sucking and feeling. Totally controlled by
them, by their desires, surrendering to my own. Eric continued to suck and
bite my neck, one side then the other. Ted continued to gobble my cock, my
balls. I moaned loudly with pleasure.
"You're right," Eric said, "He's got a sweet ass and a cute little cock."
"You wanna taste my mancock boy," he asked.
I didn't answer.
"I asked you a question," he yelled, still holding me under my arms,
suspended like a bridge between he and Ted.
"Yes" I replied.
"Then get on your knees."
Ted released my cock from his mouth, spittle dripping from it. Eric
dropped me to my feet.
"On all fours like a dog," they yelled.
I did.
"What a good little cockslut," they said as they patted my head and my ass
"You wanna have this ass spanked boy," they continued.
I didn't reply.
"You answer," Jack shouted.
"Yes," I squeaked. Trying not to cry.
Both took turns slapping my ass, one cheek then the other. I hurt, I
wanted to go home, I wanted to run, I wished I hadn't come in the woods with
Jack. I wanted his cock, but I was scared of what they'd do to me, my butt
Hands continued to move all over me as Ted kneeled in front of my face,
unzipped his pants and took out his cock. I couldn't believe it, a black
cock. I'd never seen anything like it. It was huge thick and at the base was
dark curly black hair. I'd thought of nothing but cock for the last week.
Instinctively I opened, he shoved his hard, thick cock deep into my mouth, I
loved it. He jammed it as far as it could go; I tried not to gag. Eric
continued to slap and squeeze and feel my ass. Jack continued to watch. I
felt Eric grab both my ass cheeks in his hands, massaging and squeezing and
slapping and separating them. I felt him spit into my crack getting it nice
and wet as Ted rammed his huge cock deeper into my throat, moaning. I felt
his fingers push in and out, opening me up for what I knew was coming. And
then as Ted fucked my mouth with his thick black cock, I felt the head of
Eric's cock begin to push into my ass. I tried to open up for him, like Jack
had taught me and despite the tight and small hole, Ted pushed his way in,
deeper and deeper with each thrust. The initial pain was almost unbearable. I
closed my eyes as they assaulted me front and back, closed my eyes as bright
lights flashed before me. The pain, the pleasure, the assault, all too
delicious, all too unbelievable. Eric pushed all the way in. I could feel his
pubic hair pressing against my ass, tickling. I could feel Ted's thick coarse
curly black hair press against my lips and nose as his cock went deep into my
throat. Faster and faster, they timed their thrusts, pushing me forward and
backwards. I used my tongue to work the underside of Ted's beautiful black
cock, delicious, I tasted preteen lolita baby pussy
the salty start of his cum. I heard Eric shouting
something as he slapped the sides of my ass and fucked me. I tightened my
lips around his incredible tool, pressed my teeth hard behind my lips to give
him the most pleasure I could. I sucked to tighten my mouth around all of his
cock. He moaned, threw his head back and with one last hard thrust shot his
load into my throat. I nearly choked as I swallowed shot after shot of hot
cum. He shot so deep I couldn't taste and savor the flavor.
Eric started moaning too, thrusting faster. I knew he was getting close.
Ted kept pushing in and out as the last drops shot. I sucked hard,
wanting every drop, and when he started to pull out, I reached and grabbed
the sides of his jeans and pulled him back in my mouth.
"Wow," he said, "he does love it."
"I told you," Jack shouted.
I sucked that sweet black cock back into my mouth and made love to it.
Eric kept fucking harder and deeper.
"Sweetest piece of ass, I've ever had," he shouted.
Ted pushed my head off his cock and collapsed on the ground, sitting with
his beautiful cock still hanging out of his pants. It was all wet and shiny
and black, beautiful.
I looked back at Eric, he was wild with passion, fucking my ass.
"Can I suck you too," I pleaded, "please?"
"Sure thing kid," he said as he pulled out of my ass and moved around to
my mouth.
I sucked his long thin pink cock deep into my mouth, right too the blond
pubic hair.
"Jesus," he shouted, "he's like a bitch in heat."
I sucked and moaned and fondled his balls, I loved it, I never wanted to
let go.
In seconds, he shot too, and I tasted and swallowed all his cum. I sucked
it dry and he too had to push me off his cock. I crawled over to Ted and
again swallowed his thick black cock despite in soft state.
"I've never seen anything like this," he laughed as I pulled up on down
on his sweet black dick.
Jack and Eric laughed as they watched. I sucked it till it was raging
hard again, sucked it till it spilled a second load, sucked it till it went
soft again and he pushed me away.
"He is a whore," he laughed.
I crawled over to Eric and tried to unzip and get at the cock he'd just
put away. He pushed me to the ground.
"Gotta go man," he said to Jack.
"Me too," added Ted. "He was worth it and more. free lolita pics nude
I hope to get a piece of
that again.
They both handed Jack a twenty dollar bill and disappeared into the
woods. They'd paid Jack for my services. And what's more, I didn't care.
I'd gotten what I wanted. I sat naked in the tall grass looking at Jack,
wondering what was next. I wanted his cock too.
"Now me," he said with a smile. "Crawl over here and get busy."
I crawled across to grass to where Jack had laid down. I crawled on top
of his clothed body. He pulled me up to his mouth and kissed me deep. His
hands glided over my naked skin, squeezed my ass, caressed my back and kissed
me, pushing his tongue deep into my mouth. How I loved the moment.
"You did great," he said, "undress me."
I slithered down across his body, never wanting to loose contact. I
kissed and bit at his clothes. When I was off him, I pulled off his shoes and
socks and threw them aside. I preteen underage lolita sex ran my hands up his legs over that incredible
bulge and reached for his belt buckle. Pulling it loose, I undid the clasp
and unfastened his pants. I pulled them down past his white briefs with a
huge wet spot and a tremendous bulge just waiting to be released. I pulled
his pants off and threw them aside. I crawled over his bulge and kissed it
through the soft white cotton material. I bit it lightly. He moaned.
"Yes," he whispered, "do me."
I grabbed the band of his shorts with my teeth and started pulling down.
That beautiful cock, the cock I loved, my first, sprung into site, standing
straight up, huge, pink, shiny headed. I breathed deep, recording the moment,
calming my passion. I kissed the throbbing purple head. Kissed it all around.
I licked and made love to it. I pressed my teeth hard behind my lips and
moved back and forth over the rim on the head of his magnificent cock. Deeper
and deeper I took it in, all of his hot manhood. There are certain moments in
your life that last forever in your memories, he will be one of mine. His
cock will always be my favorite, my most memorable.
My hands moved up www lolita mpegs de pushing his shirt off and over his shoulder. I returned
quickly to his cock and his balls and the beautiful hair that framed his
manhood. I sucked his balls into my mouth tasted him, loved him.
My hands moved all over him, memorizing every inch.
He reached down and ran his fingers through my hair as I made preteen rompl lolitas bbs love to his
cock. Gently, he stroked my head, my face, my back, every part of me he could
reach. I could tell by that touch, that he cared.
He pulled me off his cock up to his mouth again, hugged me.
"Ride me," he whispered, "make love to me. Straddle me and put my cock
inside you and ride me."
"Yes," I replied, "oh yes, with every bit of my strength."
I threw my leg over him, got up on my knees a lolita preteen pussy
and grabbing his rigid cock,
found the hole and sat down. Deeper and deeper he slid into me, became part
of me. Farther and farther in it went www lolita mpegs de
until I sat flat on his hips. I rested
there, feeling him, squeezing my ass muscles around him.
"Tell me how you want me to do it," I asked.
"However you thinks right," he replied.
I began slowly raising up and down on my knees, almost lifting completely
off his cock and then back down slowly. Long smooth moves, all the way up,
all the way down. With love I made love to him. I watched his face enjoy me,
enjoy my movements. Tightening around him, feeling his cockhairs when I sat
flat on him, feeling his balls under my ass, pressed in the crack between his
legs. I felt him in complete love and connection. Slowly I began to increase
the pace, faster and faster, his breathing increased as well. His eyes closed
and his head hung back. It was at that moment that I knew what total pleasure
meant, to give completely another man's pleasure.
I kept working his cock, faster and faster, until I saw his face pinch
and contort, I knew he was near. He stroked my arms and my back as I fucked
myself on his cock. He began to grunt, I squeezed tightly around him and
moved faster, almost off, all the way down. And then, he exploded, nearly
crying, nearly screaming as a gush of cum shot inside me. I squeezed, and
kissed him as he came. I loved him. He kissed me deep, no tongue just loving
mouths pressed tight. He pulled me down lying against his naked body and ran
his hands up and down my chest, I cried at that moment as my cock exploded
pressed tightly between our stomachs. I moaned, he hugged, we kissed.
"Good boy," he whispered again, "You're the best."
"I love you," I replied.
He just hugged me.
I can't remember how long we laid there, lost in his arms, half sleeping.
He shook me and said we had to dress and get back.
"No, please."
"Yes," he said, "it's time. Get dressed now."
I climbed off him, feeling the wetness in the crack of me ass. I got to
me feet staggering and watched him dress quickly. I hated seeing him cover up
his body. I wanted his cock again.
"Get dressed," he said again.
I picked up my underpants, but before I could pull them on, he grabbed
them and told me he was keeping them to remember this day. I smiled and put
on my shorts and shirt, tied my shoes and began to walk down the path home.
He squeezed my ass several times on the free amature teen lolita path and I turned and squeezed his
cock bulge. He pressed me against a tree and kissed me again once before we
left the woods.
He waved good-bye and went his way. I stood watching not wanting to let
him go. Wanting to feel his cock again and again. When my mother asked if I'd
had fun, I simply told her, "unforgettable," I thought "fucking
unforgettable."The End Part Two. "Exploring the Woods"
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